Pay As You Go Cell Phones


With all the choices in cell phones and cell phone plans, we need all the help we can get in deciding on the most costly part of owning a mobile phone, and that is the monthly charge. The major mobile phone providers like AT&T and Verizon, all have plans where they charge a minimum of about $40 a month.

This means a minimum yearly charge of almost $500. In most cases these plans include a certain number of free minutes, and often free calls between carrier phones. and to be sure, this works well for a huge number of people. But what if you are not one of those who mostly wants to call family or friends and so get the free calls? If you are one of the huge number of people who only wants to use your cell or mobile phone occasionally and for emergencies, then A Pay as You Go plan may make more sense. These so called Pay As You Go Plans still involve a monthly fee, but is much less than $40. Take the example of Net10. Here you pay a minimum of 150 minutes per month – or approx. 3 minutes per day.

The cost of each call in the US is 10c per minute (and 15c per minute on most international calls). This means that your minimum yearly expense in about $180. IE $320 less. Once you use the minimum requirement of 150 minutes in a month to keep your phone active, you can easily add more minutes either online, by toll free number or at one of their retail outlets, like Walmart, Target, or KMart. In selecting a cell phone plan that is not from one of the big companies, many people are concerned that the service may not be as good, but you can rest assured that US coverage is just as complete. And in the case of Net10, the customer service is 24/7.

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