Welcome New Apple’s iPhone X With Face ID and No Home Button



With the advancement of technology, people are now into more smart gadgets. New and exciting gadgets with exciting technologies are being introduced every day, and people are welcoming them warmly if they are good enough. Once there was a time when people need to use the telephone to contact with people and only contacting a person far away from one place was exciting enough. But things changed after the introduction of cell phones. Even the cell phones are being modified every day. At first, it was heavy and big in size and only used for making calls. Things changed quickly, and now cell phones are the good alternatives of computer. Cell phones are often called Smartphone and have almost all the feature anyone can imagine. Nowadays, there are some renowned cell phone companies like Apple, Samsung, etc. All the companies provide super exciting phones with lots of features, and it is not easy to find out what’s the best mobile phone to buy?

And as different companies provide different phones with the crazy feature you may not be able to know that what’s the best cell phone? The most famous phone companies of today’s world are Samsung and apple. But Apple’s iPhone has the best cell phone plans. Apple is obviously popular for its famous phone which is known as iPhone. The first iPhone was released on the market on 29 of June 2007. After that, it did not need to look back as people were mad about it in a positive way. Everyone nowadays wants to buy an iPhone. The recent development of iPhone is the iPhone 8 and the updated version of it known as iPhone 8 plus. They have some amazing features. Apple is planning to release a newer version known as iPhone X which has some of the best technology a phone could ever have. They use some serious technology in it. Let’s take a look at all the feature it is providing us.

No home button

Every phone has something in common, and the home button is the most common of them all. But iPhone X brings a new technology as it just removes its home button. The main goal was to surprise the people with new technology, and another issue was to make the screen bigger.

Face ID

No home button means fingerprint sensor is missing from it. The company brings a new technology known as the face id which will allow the users to unlock the phone using your face. It has a sensor which uses users face with the front camera and creates a map of the face to unlock the phone. According to the CEO of the recent tech giant, the face ID is more secure than the fingerprint sensors. The said in the fingerprint system; there was a chance that one in every 50000 people will be able to unlock your phone with their fingerprint, but in face id, the chances are one in a million. It is very clear from his statement that, the system is more secure than any other phone unlocking technology out there. Some are wondering how they are going to do this at night; they actually use a small flood light to detect your face at night.


Apple always tries to look the display attractive, and by maintaining the tradition, it has a super exciting OLED display. The display size is 5.8 inches, and no home button makes it look even bigger. The picture quality will be awesome too. It has a 458-pixel density which will help the user to experience the best picture quality. The company likes to call it a super retina display. The color accuracy is better than any other device as they stated and the contrast ratio is also very good. The new phone has an edge to edge display.

Charging system

All the phones we know now have one common charging system. You need to plug your phone into a charger and needs to connect it with an electric port. But things are not the same when we are talking about the brand new iPhone x. They removed the charging point as you don’t need to charge you iPhone x with a charger. It has a new technology which lets you charge the phone only by putting it on a charging pad.


The bodywork is exciting too. We already know that it has an edge to edge display which lets the phone to look bigger. Moreover, it has a glass at the back side of the phone as well as the front side. The edges are protected by a surgical grade stainless steel which will not allow any water to enter into the phone and damage it like that. Which means the new phone is a water resistance one. You will also be amazed to know that the phone is also dust resistance.


I hope you now know what’s the best cell phone is out there as Apple has the best cell phone plans. If you were confused about what’s the best mobile phone to buy, I hope you get all the answers now. Though this brand is quite costly, they provide you the best product possible. But if you are still confused, then compares between all the phones and decide what’s best for you.

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