Smart watches: The Best Piece of Technology

What is a Smartwatch? Technological advancement nowadays is at its peak. Like smartphones, other gadgets, smart watches have also emerged as an important and a useful gadget now. A smartwatch is a computerized wrist watch with various functions that are much beyond timekeeping. While earlier models were made to perform basic tasks, such as translations, calculations and game playing, these modern smart watches are just like wearable computers.

Many watches run applications, using the mobile operating system. Functions: 1.Portable media players 2.Playback of FM Radio 3.Audio 4.Video files through Bluetooth headsets 5.Making and answering phone calls Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch Samsung has always emerged as a technologically advanced company, keeping in mind the changing environment; it keeps updating their software with the changing environment. The Samsung gear 2 smartwatch has it all to meet your needs.

It is equipped with all new features, which you need to keep yourself updated. 1.It is Futuristic Made with an all-new round design and impressive features, the Samsung Gear S2 has been awarded the hit watch in 2015. It has unique features and durable design that allow it to appear new and unique while keeping fashion intact. 2.Hardware The Samsung Gear 2 smart watch is fitted with a 1.2-inches AMOLED screen, providing a vivid, live display.

A Unique feature that Gear S2 boasts is the rotating bezel, it is a well-designed feature that allows easy navigation throughout the device’s content. Its steel body makes it a rugged and durable product, one that will surely last the trials of everyday life. 3.Software It has a powerful dual-core processor and 4 gigs of storage; the Gear S2 uses Samsungs Tizen operating system, which is exclusively designed for wearables. It has built-in Bluetooth, WI-FI and NFC, this Android compatible smartwatch has evolved as one of the finest smart watches of 2015.

This Gear S2 packed and arranged with sensors, accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, and an ambient light. 4.Function The Samsung Gear 2 has a seamless design and a classic galaxy-appearance. It comprises of a built-in 2-megapixel camera, which provides you the facility to take high-quality pictures and videos without the need for a camera or a phone. 5.Hardware The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is all packed with all the useful technology and gadgets all that add much to the functionality of this device, such as the infrared blaster, camera, and Bluetooth capability.

Its durability is because of its construction and quality materials that make for a sleek and rigid build, which is both water and dust resistant. Another feature that the Samsung Gear 2 comprises is the customizable interface and band, which allows this smart watch to be altered to fit everyones personal preference.

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