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Niagara 5000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation SystemAudioQuest continues its war against noise and fortifies its line of noise-dissipation systems with the Niagara 5000. Like all AQ power products Niagara 5000 exemplifies a comprehensive approach to AC power management—one grounded in verifiable science representing over 20 years of exhaustive research into AC power products designed for audiophiles broadcast engineers and professional-audio applications.Like the flagship 7000 the Niagara 5000 uses AudioQuest’s patented AC Ground Noise-Dissipation System and extremely wide-bandwidth ultra-linear filtering which work together to minimize distortion and enable greater resolution from audio video and digital components. The Transient Power Correction provides an ultra-low-impedance buffered source for any power amplifier’s power supply as well as a current reservoir of over 90 amps peak for AC current transients resulting in tighter more powerful and well-defined bass. In addition AudioQuest's non-sacrificial surge suppression and over-voltage shutdown with automatic reset ensure that a system’s sensitive components are thoroughly protected against both catastrophic and incremental sustained damage. Meanwhile the Zero Ground-Contamination Technology prevents noise or surge energy present on the AC Line or Neutral from ever connecting to the AC Ground thereby eliminating what would otherwise create greatly increased distortion and in some cases sustained damage to sensitive components. Further Niagara 5000’s pre-formed AC RF filtering capacitors vastly improve linearity and minimize distortion while dissipating AC line and radio-coupled noise; and of course all Niagara Series wiring is direction-controlled for the most efficient dissipation of radio-frequency noise.So what distinguishes Niagara 5000 from Niagara 7000? The Niagara 5000 forgoes the latter’s patented dielectric-biased symmetrical power isolation transformers. These isolati

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