5 Reasons Why This is the Best 65 inch TV the Market Has to Offer

In the busy schedule of life, people don’t get to enjoy much entertainment, but when they do, they should try to enjoy it to the fullest. There are plenty of new gadgets out there to which’s goal is to keep the people entertained as much as possible. TVs were always a good medium of entertainment. It lets you watch all your favorite shows without going to the theater or somewhere else. As everything is getting smarter day by day, the TVs are also making unimaginable progress. When it was first created, it had a long and heavy body and the operation was much more complicated. But, as days are passing by, it is getting slimmer and smarter at the same time. There is plenty of television technology nowadays. Now, you don’t need your computer to watch YouTube or your favorite Netflix show. You can just use your TV to do these things. As of 2017, there are many companies trying to deliver you the best TV. But, deciding which one is best is always confusing. I will help you settle the equation.

Best TVs out there

There are lot of televisions that are very good. There is Sony XBR-65X930C TV which is the best TV for the money according to the rank. There is LG 65EF9500 model 65 inches TV which has a 4-star rating. Now you may have been thinking that what’s the best TV to buy? Samsung UN65JS8500 is the Best 65 inch TV 2016 version according to research. It has a 65 inches 4k display which has Tizen Operating system on it.

Why Samsung UN65JS8500 is the Best TV of 2017?

The judgment is not so easy when it comes to the best TV of 2017. Lots of research is needed as lots of comments from the people also. You need to take a look at the market rating also know about all the features the TV is providing. To keep all things in mind, I am informing you that the best full HD LED TV of 2017 is The LG 65UF9500 series. You may be thinking about all the reasons that make it the best TV of the market. You will know after you will come to know about everything of this TV.

Screen Size

This TV has a 65 inches full LED 4k wide-angle display. There are plenty of 65 inches TV out there, but the wide-angle of this TV is what makes it better than most of the TVs out there. Though it gives best image quality with a little help, the wide-angle helps the image quality to look better all the time.

Smart Features

Most of the TV nowadays is providing smart features with their TVs. Every TV has and built-in operating system version with it. Most of them run with Android OS, and some of them run on other operating systems. This TV has a web OS 2.0 version which lets you use all the smart technology related to the TV. You can surf the web and watch all the favorite shows from it. This TV also has a Wi-Fi technology which lets you use internet via Wi-Fi.

Refresh Rate

One of the most important features of TVs nowadays is the refreshing rates it provides. While watching sports like football all play games on the TV, the good refresh rate is a must or the image quality will be very poor and you will not be able to watch the very clear picture. The refresh rate of the TV is measured by Hz. You should try to buy a TV which has at least 120Hz refresh rate. This has this 120 Hz refresh rate which will allow you to watch your favorite shows or play video games without being disturbed.


Good resolution is what makes the image look good. There are many kinds of technology to provide you the best resolution. There is LED technology which was introduced after the LCD technology and provides a much better image quality than most of the technology at that time. LED-LCD is the most common type. The mixing of LED and the LCD makes the image looks good. But the recent technology is OLED technology. It is a technology which allows you to watch the best image quality possible. The experience will be much better if you can watch TV with an OLED technology integrated with it. The LG TV I am talking about provides this technology which makes its resolution much better than the most of the TVs out there.


Price is a very important factor. You are buying a 65 inches TV which is not a little thing. There are many companies in the market ready to serve you with their products; there are not many who provide the quality product within range. The TVs we talked about earlier has a price range of $2299 to $2698. But This LG series is giving all the best technology only for $1857 which is much less than those and the performance of this one is obviously better than them.


Though Samsung has best 65 inch TV 2016 version, the 2017 version is LG 65UF9500. All the technologies make it the best full HD TV. Some time ago you were thinking that what’s the best TV to buy? Now here you are who knows which one is best for himself.

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