5 New and Upcoming Gadgets Made with Latest Technology

Latest Electronic Gadgets in Market


Technology has been accelerating at speed never before seen. You’d think maybe seeing cool new gadgets all the time would get boring, or cause people to get jaded, but no. A cool new gadget is a cool new gadget now matter how many cool new gadgets were released last year. New products combine new upcoming gadgets and latest technology to create some of the latest electronic gadgets in market, with “latest” often used as a stand in word for coolest. A list of five gadgets will not cover all the bases, but it will offer a pretty cool sneak preview of what’s new and what’s to come.

1. Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Wood 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center

This is one cool item that any music lover must have. It’s a vinyl player, a CD player, a cassette player, a radio, and more. It’s Bluetooth activated, so you can hook it up wirelessly to a Bluetooth stereo setup. With the exterior look of an antique, this thing is deceptively high tech. Priced at about $120, it’s more than affordable. Should be included on any list of the best gadgets of the year. This will be especially cool for anyone who has saved all the records, cassettes, and CDs they’ve bought over the years, as finally now they’ll have an all-in-one that can play their entire music library.

2. 3-D Printer

Let’s get this out of the way, 3-D printers are very, very expensive. They’re also very, very cool. If you have the money to spare, there are very things having to do with technology that are cooler and more cutting edge that a 3-D printer. The Robo R2 3-D printer checks out at about $1,500. Of course, that’s a lot of money, but many computers check out at over $2,000, so if you were planning on getting a computer/printer combo, maybe you can scale back on the computer budget and add some to the printer budget. The things 3-D printers can do are mind blowing, and because it’s a new technology, the future will only hold cooler and stranger things.

3. Apple Watch

On September 22, Apple released its long awaited Apple Watch Series-3. The new Apple watch features health and fitness enhancements, cellular, messaging, music, and oh yeah, it can tell the time. Apple Watches are appropriately called watches because they look like watches and are worn around the wrist like normal watches are. Beyond that, though, the Apple Watch is more like a computer than a watch. And they’re not just cool gadgets, they look pretty cool too and work well as fashion statements. They are pretty expensive, with the GPS models starting at $329, and the GPS + Cellular models starting at $400. The Apple Watch will surely end up on any list of best gadgets of the year.

4. TRIDENT Underwater Drone

Though not released yet, the TRIDENT Unwater Drone is almost certain to be awesome. It combines one of the coolest latest technologies in drones with the ability to go underwater. Gizmodo says, “It feels like an amusement park ride – except it’s real. You’re really driving around underwater, exploring. With a preorder price over $1,000 the TRIDENT Underwater Drone is certainly expensive, but if you keep the Gizmodo review in mind, you’re getting an amusement park ride of your own for less than $1,500 and that price ends up sounding relatively cheap.
The TRIDENT can dive down 100m, and it can stream 1080p video. This is the kind of technology that is genuine fun for everybody. For kids, this thing will be like owning something as cool as the Batmobile, and for any adults, it should release the child within and lead to pretty adventurous exploring.

5. Smart Notebook

Maybe not the coolest but certainly the cheapest gadget on this list is the smart notebook. I decided to leave the generic term instead of a specific product, as you may want to shop around yourself for what would fit best. Anyway, a smart notebook allows one to write, take notes, etc., using a smart pen and a smart paper, which can later be transferred to a computer. The smart paper can then be wiped clean so that you can use the notebook endlessly, without ever having to get a new one, without ever having to waste a single piece of paper. In terms of school supplies, it doesn’t get much cooler than that.


Any list of upcoming gadgets and latest technology is bound to be dated in a matter of months, if not weeks, due to the speed at which technology is advancing. Some of the most popular latest electronic gadgets in market, such as say Amazon’s Echo and other Smart Speakers, are not featured on the above list because they’re already ubiquitous. Other technologies, such as Virtual Reality headsets, were not featured because while awesome, they still seem to have bugs that keep them from being the new cool tech gadget to own. Technology has never been more exciting than now, and the new tech products being released everyday have never been cooler.

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